The card.

Social Hobart’s 2nd Birthday Celebration – Thank You

Happy Thursday Hobart. And we all know what that means - Social Hobart’s weekly breakfast is on tomorrow (Friday, 8am, Criterion cafe) as per usual.

Before it slips away to become a faint memory in our busy lives I want to acknowledge our 2nd anniversary celebrations from last Sunday. Not just to those who attended but to those who have been part of the last two years and made Social Hobart what it is today – an amazing community to be a part of.

As is typically the case, I was too busy chatting with people to be taking photos. However, I have snapped some shots of the thank you card which I brought along.

So if you weren’t there but you have been a part of the Social Hobart community, no matter how small, please read what I wrote in the card which was my way of saying thank you.

Craig Clark

PS. Here are some embedded posts which others took on the day.



Social Hobart’s 2nd Birthday Celebration

You may have noticed we’ve been planning for our 2nd birthday celebration. Not that that was much help. But the City vote was in front most of the time throughout the voting period. That, plus Stuart Addison at Tasman Quartermasters has been very keen to look after us.

It is a ticketed event so please RSVP with what you plan to do. More information is available via our event page.

There’s plenty of room and I expect we’ll be lingering around for most the afternoon. Feel free to pop in for a chat even if you don’t want lunch. But you might want to wait until after lunch for to do that.

Also, if you’ve never been to a Social Hobart breakfast don’t hesitate to come to this event. Being on a lazy Sunday afternoon it is the perfect opportunity to touch base with people in the community and put a face to some of those names from online.

Oh, and Farmgate Market is just over the road and runs until around lunch time. Perfect thing to do beforehand.

Craig Clark


2nd Birthday – Venue Vote

Social Hobart is two years old this month so, in the tradition we set last year, we must have a weekend event to celebrate. The date will be Sunday 23rd March. It will be a lunch event.

Now’s your chance to vote on the venue. You have the following choices:


Lunch at TQ on Elizabeth Street. Pop over after a morning of collecting bounty from Tas Farmgate Market or just come in for the wonderful TQ food. Their menu is available online.


Reverse BYO lunch (BYO food, buy their wine or Lost Pippin cider) at Puddleduck Vineyard in Richmond. We can book a BBQ to use. If we get a minimum number (I think it was 4) we can get Segway action for $55 per person thanks to Segway Tasmania.

If you can’t make it then please don’t vote. It would be good if the votes were similar to the RSVPs when we get to that stage.